Credit card for bad credit- Eligibility to get

bad credit eligibilityToday, many people are interested in building or rebuilding their credit. When it comes to choosing the credit cards for bad credit, there are two common types available such as secured and unsecured credit cards. To improve your credit rating, you can take the benefits of free access to the internet to your credit report summary as well as your credit score. The credit one is a fully functional and unsecured credit card option that does not require depositing any funds. Once you use this, you will earn 1% cash back rewards automatically and also able to buy any items under the specific terms and conditions.

There are lots of credit cards available, but the unsecured credit card for bad credit is the best choice among all others. There are three top reasons available to recommend this unsecured card for people that include:

  • The main reason is that it is not a secured card, so people do not have to make any deposit.
  • This type of card has an ability to get more rewards for purchasing gas and groceries. But the secured cards do not provide any rewards at all.
  • After making many payments on time, you can secure the credit line increase.

The advantages of having a secured credit card with bad credit

If you have a bad credit, the secure credit card is a right option to use that includes the following benefits such as:

  • The major benefits of using secured credit cards are improving the individual’s credit history, which becomes most essential eligibility criteria for those who apply for a loan in the future.
  • To get a secured credit card, there is no need of any credit card income proof to submit.
  • Most of the banks offer flexible options to the users for depositing amount. It does not set any low deposit requirement.
  • The individuals can also gain more interest on the deposit, which becomes a good way to generate returns.
  • You can also apply for add-on card to get a credit card that helps to improve your credit history.
  • When you move to some other city and do not have any permanent address, there is no need to submit any ID proof and address proof to get a secure credit card.

Things to consider while applying for a card with poor credit

Once you decide to get credit cards for bad credit, there are some important points to be considered in your mind that includes:

Annual fee

It remains vary or fixed every year


You should be well aware of different charges in advance. Once your card payment cheque gets bounced, the payment is made late.

ATM withdrawal

If you are using a credit card at an ATM for withdrawing cash, you should be aware of the charges both at the same bank and other bank.

Know the interest rate charged

In case of using secured credit card, you should know the charge of whether interest rates higher or lower.